Třeboň region is one of the few protected landscape regions declared in lowlands after centuries of being cultivated by man. People contributed to forming the landscape ever since the 12th century, primarily by landscaping the waterlogged land, resulting in the network of manmade channels and numerous ponds. Almost 35% of the area of Třeboň region is made up of forest growth and 10% water.

Within the scope of the programme, " Man and Biosphere" Třeboň region is included in the biosphere reservations of UNESCO (since 1977). Within the Ramsar Convention, which is focussed on protection and sensible use of natural resources, two international bogs were declared here – the Třeboň region ponds since 1990 and the Třeboň region peat bogs since 1993.

The most valuable parts of Třeboň region are the small specially protected territories. In the category of national nature reserves, this includes the Old River, Red Marshlands, Ruda u Horusic, Velký and Malý Tisý, Brousek Mill and the pond Žofinka. Futhermore, it includes the national natural monument Vizír, the national natural monument Terčino Valley, the natural monument Slepičí Peak, the forest pond with a peat bog near Chlumu u Třeboně and 20 nature reservations (the flowering beech woods of Bukova Hill, the Dračice Stream, the Horní Lužnice Wold, the Horusická Marshlands, Krabonošská Wold, the Losí Marshland by Mirochova, meanders of the Lužnice River, Na Ivance Meadows, Novořecké Bogs, Olšina Pond by Přeseky, the sand dune by Vlkova, the Hovízna Peat Bog, the Pele Peat Bog, Rod Pond by Frahelže, Ruda Pond by Kojákovic, ponds by Vitmanova, Staré Lake, Široké Bog, Trpnouzské Bog, Rožmberk Pond and Záblatské Meadows) and five natural monuments (Kozí Peak, Lhota u Dynína, the sand dune by Dračice, Slepičí Peak and Soví Forest).

The territory includes a large number of biotopes, thus a significant number of various types of flora and fauna can be found here. In Třeboň region’s peat bogs, coniferous and deciduous forests and meadows you can find more than 100 species of protected flora, plus numerous rare and protected fauna (various species of butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, water birds, rare fish etc.). The region is also known for its occurrence of endangered river otters.

Natural factors make Třeboň region an exceptional region in European context and provide it with endless recreational potential.

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Memorial trees and groups of trees Memorial trees and groups of trees. (total: 77)
Parks Parks. (total: 3)
Nature monuments and reservations Nature monuments and reservations. (total: 3)
National nature monuments and reservations National nature monuments and reservations. (total: 8)
Education trails Education trails. (total: 14)
  • Around the world trail - educational trail with posted information The trail starts in the spa park of Třeboň by Hotels Bohemia and Regent and ends by the dike of the pond World. Its 16 stops provide detailed information on natural and landscape values of the Třeboň region. The educational trail was put into service in 1985 and entirely reconstructed in 1995-7.
    Address: Třeboň
  • Buquoy Landscape Educational Trail The educational trail has twenty information panels that familiarize visitors with the history and significance of architectural and landscape monuments of the original landscape.
    Address: Nové Hrady
  • Falcon's nest - educational trail with posted information Following the educational trail Falcon's Nest you can see most of the typical natural and cultural ecosystems in the area of the Natural Park Novohradské hory. The trail goes near several massive memorable trees - oaks, beeches, ashes, maples, and limes several hundred years old. It starts by the old castle of Nové Hrady in front of elementary school building and includes 15 information panels.
    Address: Nové Hrady
  • „Hrádeček" health trail The main aim of the trail is to exercise and develop one's physical abilities (speed, strength, endurance, dexterity). On the stops, visitors can test their abilities in various disciplines - arms traveling on bars, high and long jump, climbing a rope ladder, walking on a log, throwing a log, rocking on a seesaw, hurdle race, climbing a rope, pull-ups on horizontal bar and more.
    Address: Třeboň
  • (Lesnická naučná stezka) Address: Nové Hrady
  • Novohradska memory - educational trail with posted information It includes 17 information panels introducing visitors to history of the Nové hrady region. The trail can be divided into several shorter circuits. In Žumberk, you can tour a Gothic fort with an exposition of South Bohemian painted furniture, in Horní Stropnice a Romanesque church, in the village Dobrá Voda, you can refresh yourself from local healing spring or visit the Pilgrimage Church of the Virgin Mary, you can swim in the Veverský rybník pond or go to see the unique pond Přesličkový rybník.
    Address: Nové Hrady
  • Outskirts of Třeboň - educational trail with posted information The trail includes 22 stops with texts in both Czech and English. The texts describe typical features of the Třeboň region, including ponds and pond systems, peat bogs, forest complexes and floodplains, animal and vegetal communities. It also provides information on historic development in the region, including first settlements and associated use and forming of countryside by man.
    Address: Třeboň
  • Red Bog - educational trail with posted information The educational trail circuit uses 9 information panels to introduce visitors to the wealth of local nature and history of the peat bog. It starts from George's Valley, 17 km south of Třeboň, and follows forest paths and wooden pathways. The entire trail was restored in 1996-9. Information on wayside panels is in Czech, English and German.
    Address: Suchdol nad Lužnicí
  • Rožmberk - educational trail with posted information Rožmberk - educational trail with posted information. 8 information panels with Czech, English and German texts introduce visitors to the history of founding of ponds and pond systems and their significance in the Třeboň region. They use period pictures and documents to explain life and work of our predecessors, which is closely related to the character of local countryside.
    Address: Třeboň
  • Teresa Valley - educational trail with posted information Teresa Valley - educational trail with posted information. House Buquoyt built the national natural heritage Theresia's Valley three centuries. The circuit of low difficulty starts near the village Údolí pod Novými Hrady. Its 12 orientation panels introduce visitors to history of the park and any sights, which could be found here.
    Address: Nové Hrady
  • Totalitarianism Divides... - educational trail with posted information Educational trail “of Echoes of the Totalitarian Regime in the Countryside and its People”. With Borovan as its starting point, this trail is 6 km long. At the nine points of interest, those walking the trail can become acquainted with the history of Czechoslovak fortification, events that occurred during the Second World War, and life along the border after the Second World War, behind the Iron Curtain.
    Address: Borovany
  • Velký Lomnický - educational trail with posted information The trail is 6.5 km long. It includes 15 stations with information panels, which provide information on the history of Lomnice nad Lužnicí, with the historical pond Velký Lomnický, water birds and water flora, with homeland points of interest on the local landscape.
    Address: Lomnice nad Lužnicí
  • Veselské sandpits - educational trail with posted information Veselské sandpits - educational trail with posted information. The physically undemanding educational trail circuit going from the parking lot next to sandpits in Veselí nad Lužnicí uses 14 information panels in Czech, English and German to introduce visitors to the nature surrounding gravel lakes, history of the countryside and surrounding villages. In the summertime, you can swim in the gravel lakes, which remained after gravel sand extraction in 1952 - 1986.
    Address: Veselí nad Lužnicí
  • Vitorazsko Monument - educational trail with posted information The historical-educational trail with 29 stations, intended for cyclists is one of the works of the trilogy on the history of life in Czech-Austrian borderlands (the other works are Memory of Hen Mountains, Memory of Vitorazska). The name Vitorazsko marks the territory in the region of the Upper Lužnice river basin. The trail is 89 kilometres long and mainly leads along solid roads with asphalt surfaces.
    Address: Nová Ves nad Lužnicí


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