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Třeboňsko (Třeboň region)

The landscape of Třeboňsko with its unique system of ponds and manmade channels is completed by a relatively sparse population and the preserved unique architecture of historical towns and villages ranks Třeboňsko among the most beautiful regions of South Bohemia and the entire Czech Republic. It is one of the few protected landscape regions, which was declared in the lowlands after centuries of cultivation by man and is included in the network of biosphere reservations of UNESCO.

Visitors have the opportunity to visit significant historical sites, the most noteworthy of which are found in the city Třeboň, whose centre was declared an urban conservation site. The region is completed by small villages with preserved folk architecture, primarily in the original architectural style of Rustic Baroque.

Třeboňsko is perfect for an active holiday. Lovers of fishing and cycling will find something of their own here, plus less skilled and experienced water sportsmen will appreciate the water sports trails that meander through the region.

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